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Time is money. Save both with time management solutions. 

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Save Time

Our automated timekeeping solutions save you time so you can focus on your business.

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Avoid Time Theft

Avoid "buddy punching" and other forms of time theft.

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Minimize Errors

Errors are common when timekeeping isn't automated, which can have a serious impact on your business long-term.

The Problem

Imagine that the process of making money is as simple as grabbing a handful of cash. You reach into a bucket and open your hand wide, so much of the cash slips through your fingers, right back into the bucket. Whatever is left, you get to keep. You made money, but you also lost a lot. That is exactly what happens when a business does not have a solid timekeeping process.

The cost of calculating time cards manually is remarkably expensive. However, the majority of these costs typically remain unnoticed. Commonly the value of time and attendance software is seen as the time saved in avoiding manual time card totaling. However, the cost of wasted labor minutes, or employee time theft and buddy punching, and the cost of human error present far greater expenses for employers.

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Employee Time Tracking Solutions

We're here to help you streamline your processes. Reduce your cost of labor with Accountable To You Inc.'s time and attendance software. Eliminate discrepancies and "buddy punching" or other forms of time theft. By automating your timekeeping system, like using an employee time clock app, your business can decrease labor costs, compliance risk, and administrative time while keeping productivity at its peak. Our timekeeping systems are versatile and streamlined with multiple timekeeping platforms that sync with the payroll platform. Invest in accurate timekeeping solutions with Accountable to You Inc.

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Key Features 
Our Timekeeping Systems have Several Key Features, including: 

  • Minimize human error

  • Cut down on wasted labor time

  • Calculate data in seconds

  • Save time and money each pay period

  • Fully integrates with our payroll platform and QuickBooks

  • Versatility: employees can clock in on computers, online web clocks, or smartphones with a GPS tracking time clock app

  • Multiple clock prompts allow for easy job costing and labor tracking

Want to see how the GPS time clock app works?

We also offer several ancillary services, including:

  • Employee timekeeping and scheduling
  • Human resource management
  • Employee hiring and onboarding
  • Pay-as-you-go work comp insurance

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Client Feedback

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"The entire staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. Quick response times and easy to work with."

Bill Linsenmeyer

"We have been using Accountable to You for our bookkeeping needs and appreciate their professionalism as well as their extensive knowledge. We are a small independent business and appreciate their attention to the small details so that we can keep our attention on our customers."

- D. Erickson

"Very helpful and knowledgeable. A great experience."

- Brian Eich Pllumbing LLC


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take control of your bottom line with accoutable to you inc payroll services in sioux falls sd

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